Rayearth Music

In January of 2018, Mosahefu announced the demos for her latest project, Rayearth.

You can follow Rayearth on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The “Painted Lady” Demos

From 2014 – 2016, Mosahefu played lead guitar in Painted Lady. While now defunct, you can hear recordings of the project online here:

The Strangle and the Struggle EP

Year: Released February 4th 2014
Lyrics and music by: Mosahefu
(Lyrics on “Part Of You” by Erwin Samson)
Engineered/recorded by Daniel Grant Little in Redwood City, California
Artwork by: Lango Oliveira from the world famous tattoo shop Skull & Sword

1. The Strangle and the Struggle
2. Green Anni
3. Part Of You

All hardcover copies of this EP are signed and limited to 100 pieces. Each CD includes a limited edition canvas patch with artwork from animation collaborators Abby Lee and Kota Dimeler.

More hi-res images here.

 You can also listen to the entire EP for free (amongst other tracks) here: